• Mood Lighting for Weddings

    02/09/2021 | News
  • I will aim to clearly explain what mood or uplighting is.  I will also explain why it will create the wow factor at your wedding reception and thereby impressing your guests!

    While we offer flashing disco lights as standard in all our packages, an extra option is available – mood lighting.

    What is Mood Lighting?

    Mood lighting (or LED uplighting) is a level of illumination used to create a romantic, relaxed or vivid atmosphere within a room.  By positioning wireless lights against walls/pillars and shining on ceiling/coving, a fabulous and beautiful effect is achieved.

    Our mood lights are wireless so they are quick and easy to set up.  They transform a room from plain walls to the colour of your choice.  Often this colour ties in with your wedding theme (e.g. stationery or bridesmaid dress colour etc).  No messy cables are on display and therefore can be placed almost anywhere.

    The size of the room and how many units are required will affect the cost.  Some rooms would only require a couple of lights to create the overall effect whereas other venues would definitely require more.

    This striking visual impact is popular not only with our wedding couples but we often hear wedding guests comment as they re-enter the reception room having left for it to be dressed for the evening.

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